Mandy Pierpoint

I was raised on a farm in rural England and was exposed from the earliest age to the full circle of life. Birth and death weaved their way into my daily life.  I quickly learnt there's a lot to being as healthy as we can so that this in-between time is the best it can be. Working as a Psychologist, Reflexologist, Smoking Cessation counsellor and being a mother had lead me to focus relentlessly on this in-between time and in particular to cherish the present moment.  


Consequently when I developed my daily meditation practice and contemplated my whole life did I come to see that much of my focus was not just on delaying death but deep down I wanted to prevent death.  A completely impossible task.  Once I softened and opened to this finality of our life on earth did  I come to see this is in fact one of our most important life events.  It became abundantly clear to me we can do death so much better in our society. 

I volunteer in Hospice and I have trained as a death doula and I am so grateful and honored to being part of this movement of supporting and helping people as they approach and take on their greatest journey.


San Francisco,  Marin County and Sonoma County - (415) 530-6464

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