Mandy Pierpoint, End of Life Doula Alliane Co-founder

Mandy Pierpoint

I grew up on a farm in the rolling hills of the English countryside where, from a young age, I quickly learnt about and was frequently confronted with the circle-of-life.  Following the unexpected death of my mother closely followed by the death of my father a couple of years later whilst still in my mid-twenties, I was forced to confront the immediate and raw aspects of grief that one needs to experience rather than read about, to really gain a true understanding of the fragility of life.


Over time I quickly learnt that being healthy helps us to have the best life we can, on so many levels, I became focused on supporting people in their health. Over the last 30 years, I have worked in various areas encompassing health and healing and I have trained extensively in key aspects of personal transformation. For a number of years I was an Occupational Psychologist and later a Smoking Cessation Counselor for the UK’s National Health Service and I ran my own private practice as a Reflexologist.  As well as what is undoubtably my proudest achievement, being a mother of two wonderful, now adult, children.


As I developed my daily meditation practice and contemplated my whole life and beyond, I came to see that much of my focus was not just on staying healthy but not wanting to face death or think about it.  Once I began to accept and face this inevitable part of life, I came to see that death is likely one of our most meaningful and sacred life events. Everything we do in life leads to this profound moment.


It became clear I want to guide people as they access this precious time and support them as they look for ways to bring a meaningful closure to their end of life.  My passion and dedication lie in being present for helping people to access peace and acceptance at the end of life. One of my first experiences of guiding a soul was with my second child whom I delivered, unexpectedly, by myself with my husband close at hand, at home in the early morning hours.  After all a female body knows how to birth a baby just as all bodies know how to die. Anything that can help de-medicalize these bookends of our life I feel is positive and can be transformative as to how we live and approach our lives.


I volunteer in hospice and have trained with INELDA as a death doula. It is one of my greatest honors to help people as they prepare for their final few months, days, and hours of their own unique life. All my professional training and life-experience has prepared me to guide and support others as they approach their end of life, leave their physical body, and begin their greatest journey.


I’m a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and my education and training includes a BS in Psychology, an MS in Occupational Psychology, an MA in Health and Healing, certification in Nutritional Health coaching (IIN), Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, studying with the Clairvision meditation school and the CPEnneagram academy. I worked as a Psychologist for the UK Government at the Department of Employment and conducted research in the Health Psychology Department at the Royal Free Hospital in London.