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What is Bay Area ELDA?

We are a local organization of compassionate individuals trained by nationally recognized end-of-life practitioner programs. Our skilled professionals work together to provide non-medical, integrative care to those who are ready to explore end-of-life planning or who are currently facing a serious illness. We are committed to educating and inspiring people so that their end-of-life and transition experience can be a fulfilling and purposeful part of their life’s journey. 


We operate with respect and reverence for life, death and our humanity. We hope to create an understanding and a healthy acceptance of death in our current cultural of denial and fear. With intimacy, honor, intention, knowledge, and a solid plan in place, we will assist dying people and their families to embrace life every day, and to embrace their time through this uncharted territory of dying.


Bay Area ELDA believes that every single person has the right to die peacefully, with dignity and with the right to choose what they want in terms of care and planning.  Please see “Our Services” for more information about how we can make your transition a meaningful and powerful part of your life, from now until you take your final breath


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