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Leaving Your Legacy

Everyone’s life matters and we all want to know that we made a difference, and that, hopefully, the world is a better place because we were here. This, along with love, spirituality, sharing memories, and diving into family history is the root of legacy work. End of life is often a time of reflection that comes with a desire to create a tangible memory of your life. A legacy project is a lasting gift that connects, inspires, and reminds family and loved ones about who you were in their life.


We will work with you to create a legacy project for yourself and your loved ones as a way of sharing stories, memories, photographs, letters, words of wisdom or whatever is important to you. A legacy project can include making a video, writing letters for after your death, creating an art project, writing a book of your favorite recipes, life lessons, or favorite quotes, making a photo album, creating a playlist of your favorite music or arranging a gathering of your family and friends. The ideas are endless, and we have found that we can create beautiful lasting legacies while working together in-person and also over Zoom.


After we meet to discuss your wishes and learn more about how you want to be remembered, we will work with you and generate ideas for creating a lasting legacy of love for those you are leaving behind. 

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