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Life Review

Often as part of planning for a legacy and for your final days, things will come up that you may wish to address or discuss. We are available and trained to help you with a life review, which may include discussions of your past relationships, careers, or general stories from your life. During this time, we will also assist you if you happen to encounter some emotions such as anger, regrets, unfinished business, unresolved conflicts or fears. Sometimes you need to talk to someone, or forgive someone, or maybe someone may need to forgive you. We have learned that releasing negative emotions often clears space for peace and tranquility in your final days.


We have also learned that expressing positive emotions is a way to bring those you love closer. Expressing gratitude, love, and having deep, honest conversations can help create a beautiful, open, loving atmosphere to share your final time with family and friends. 


Sometimes, the most important person you need to forgive is yourself. Any and all of this can be part of a life review.


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