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I’ve long believed that we shouldn’t have to wait until we get a terminal diagnosis to finally learn to appreciate life, to notice the everyday miracles all around us all the time. We deserve to be able to die as peacefully as possible, with as much emotional and spiritual support as needed to fully release this life while opening to death and the next leg of this journey without fear.

My greatest passion is to help others to fill their hearts with a peace that surpasses all under-standing. Every day can be a new opportunity to create a meaningful life, and when it's time, a meaning-ful death.

I believe a death where fear is absent or greatly diminished is accessible to everyone. Helping a dying person and their family navigate the last few months/weeks of one’s life is some-thing that I embark upon with humility and respect.

It's a wonder to me that we will all die and yet we don't think it will happen to us.  When the time comes, anything I can do to assist people to journey through to their own death is the gift I graciously offer.

I believe a dignified transition for the dying leaves lasting impression on the living.

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