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Planning for your remaining days:


The rest of your life can be some of the most meaningful days you have ever lived. You matter. You have a story to share and likely have accumulated a life of memories, ups and downs, successes and failures, and joy and sorrow. You touched people’s lives and they touched yours. All of this matters, too. How do you want to finish your life? What does finishing well or peacefully mean to you? Let’s discuss what conscious dying can mean and make a plan.


If you wish, this is the time to be prepared for your final days, while also remembering that you are still very much alive. We can help you plan for a life that is filled with meaning, purpose, love, intention, and a solid foundation based on you and your goals and desires. 


In addition, we can discuss everyday wishes for your environment, comfort, rest, noise, visitors, scents, music, boundaries, and more. We can plan for addressing people entering your home, including family and caregivers, in order to maintain consistent care and to assure that your wishes are respected at all times, up until your final days and even through your memorial service, burial or cremation, celebration of life or whatever you choose.



Planning for your final days:


We will assist you in planning for and honoring your wishes for your surroundings and needs over your final days. This may include choosing a location that is comfortable and meaningful for you, including the lighting or candles in the room, music or sounds you will want to listen to, what special treasures or photographs you may want close to you, what scents, products for skin care, books or poetry you would like read to you, and everything involved in preparing for your final hours to be as peaceful, sacred and meaningful as possible, based on what matters to you. 


Additionally, we will plan for visitors, who you wish to have with you and how you want to receive these people into your space to maintain your sense of peace, relaxation and comfort. 


More and more people are choosing to participate fully in their dying process, including making plans for how they will be remembered immediately after their death and beyond. During this time of planning, we can also discuss your wishes for after your death including caring for your body, burial or cremation options, and celebrating your life with a service, if you choose.

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