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At times, you may get lonely or want to talk to someone other than your loved ones. You may want someone to take you to the grocery store or for a walk. Some days you may want someone to read to you or to simply sit by your side in silence. We have companioned people who want someone to watch Jeopardy with, or a football game on TV. We have also helped people maintain their emails and social media contacts. Companionship takes many forms and we are open to exploring ideas for all your everyday needs to be met. 


Another consideration is that, sometimes when you are constantly surrounded by family and friends, it begins to take an emotional toll on you. Their anticipatory grief can be overwhelming and also exhausting for someone trying to stay peaceful and calm for their final journey. If you need time to be still with your thoughts and feelings, but also need someone to be with you, we can show up and be still and silent, too.


At times, your family members may need some rest and just need to sleep in another room, but do not want to leave you alone. Perhaps you are bedridden or require ongoing or care. Often, you and your family will feel more comfortable when there is someone with you at all times, and a schedule may be created for shifts to ensure someone is there around the clock. Since it may not always be possible to have a family member or friend there to be with you, we can fill those gaps, too. 

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